bluewingtempesta: This is me, like half a year ago lol (BluewingTempesta)
2016-06-09 09:36 am

Something about me...

I was looking for many other platforms where to publish my stuff... so I ended up here!
Well, it isn't as if I was expecting anything else... just because I found this page interesting is because I'm here~ lol.

Anyway, I am NOT expecting everyone to enjoy my works and the like, so all I am asking for is comprehension(?) and patience, LOTS of PATIENCE indeed... I tend to delay my deadlines because I'm being lazy and stuff -cries in a corner- BUT I eventually finish them a couple days later in my best mood, or in a couple weeks when my muse is gone -sobs-

So, without anything else to say -or write here... I give you a welcoming virtual hand-wave for you all ^^.

With love,